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AirOCellPure Maintenance is home to the famous 50 Dollar Mold Test. Pure Maintenance can run a sample of the air in your home and compare it with outdoor averages to determine if their is a mold issue in your home. Other companies in Utah charge over 500.00 for a similar test. This mold test can provide you with answers to your families health concerns.

This 50 Dollar mold test gives you a sample in your home that is analyzed by an accredited independent lab. The lab will send back a report detailing the exact number of mold spores per cubic meter in your home. If you want additional tests in other areas of your home, the additional samples are just 25.00 each. That means that for the same price as another companies test, you could have about 20 samples taken and analyzed.

Why is a Pure Maintenance Air Quality Test so inexpensive?

Pure Maintenance is a mold remediation and mold removal company. Tests are part of our treatment process. We run tests to ensure we have done our job right and made your home safe. We charge you what it costs us to run a test and have it analyzed by the lab and nothing more.

How does a mold Air Quality Test work?

45 Liters of air is pumped through a cassette with a filter inside. The filter catches mold spores, skill cells, hyphal fragments, pollen, and other microorganisms.  That cassette is sent to an accredited lab. The lab then takes the filter out of the cassette and interprets what the filter has collected. They create a report that is sent to Pure Maintenance and forwarded to you the customer.

Watch this video from CSI to see the process at work.


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