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Demolition Free Mold Remediation

When a pipe breaks behind a wall or when moisture finds it’s way between cracks in the floor board and wall cavities mold will almost always find a way to start growing in these locations. If mold has taken a stronghold in an area that is unexposed, how does the Pure Maintenance dry fog system take care of those problems? There are actually two answers to this question.

First, one of the secrets behind dry fog technology is the size of the dry fog particle. The dry fog particle in the Pure Maintenance mold remediation system is approximately 7.5 microns in size. Not only does this mean that the particle bounces off surfaces and doesn’t get things wet. It also means that just about every place a mold spore can get into or out of, the fog can get as well. An average mold spore can be anywhere from 10 microns to 35 microns in size meaning the mold spore larger than the fog particle.

Need more convincing?

The Pure Maintenance dry fog particle actually gives off a vapor that is an even more concentrated version of the EPA approved mold killer. The vapor is even smaller than the original 7.5 micron sized particle. Even small mycotoxins emitted from mold spores during reproduction have no place to hide.

Still not sure if the Dry Fog System will get to your mold issue without demolition?

When an identifiable issue is present behind a wall, Pure Maintenance will surgically remove 1/8 inch sections of sheet rock between the studs in the wall. The dry fog will then be directly inserted behind the walls with test strips placed throughout the area to verify the proper dwell time for a mold kill.

Everything Pure Maintenance does is backed up by standard Air Quality samples that are interpreted by a third party independent lab. The Pure Maintenance solutions have been approved by the EPA and have been tested by independent testing agencies and proved effective.


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