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Mold can cause minor to severe health effects in those that are exposed to the biotoxin. Mold can cause symptoms as minor as a stuffy nose and itchy or water eyes or as sever as brain lesions and, in rare cases, even death. Mold should be taken seriously and treated with extreme caution. According to the United States Center for disease control, mold is the number one factor in 93% of all sinus infections.

Once mold starts to grow in an indoor environment, mycotoxins and unicellular mold spores are released into the air. Once these air born mold spores are in the air they move quickly through any building. The indoor air quality then becomes a hazard to any occupants health. The increased amount of mold enters into the human body through normal inhalation and can even be absorbed by a persons skin. Depending on the type of mold as well as the mold levels and a persons immune system, a variety of symptoms can occur. While some mold types are more harmful to the human body then others, all have been proven to cause adverse health effects when a person is exposed to an abnormally high amount.

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