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Mold poses a serious health risk and is often missed by doctors who fail to evaluate a patients environment. Mold toxins can be so harmful that they have been used in chemical warfare, can be misdiagnosed as a variety of terminal illnesses, and have even caused death. As more studies are performed by scientists and researchers, the seriousness of mold toxins have become glaringly apparent.

MycotixinsMycotoxins are byproducts of mold reproduction. Mold is created in the natural environment around plants and crops and the mycotoxins produced during mold reproduction acts as a natural pesticide. It literally becomes a poison to help keep locusts and birds from feasting on crops. When mold begins to grow or reproduce in your home the mycotoxins literally give off a poison that harms the body. The poison can be so lethal that they have been used by foreign governments in chemical warfare.

Sickness that is a result of mold exposure can often be misdiagnosed. Just this year we treated a home in which one of the residents of the home had been diagnosed with MS and was told that there was nothing the doctors could do. She had been confined to a wheel chair for three years. After running an air quality test in the home we found extremely high levels of mold. We treated the home and within 3 weeks she was out of her wheel chair and symptom free.

In rare cases the mold and mycotoxins can be so severe that they can cause death. In rare cases stachybotrys has been linked to deaths of infants and those with weaker immune systems. Mold should be taken seriously whenever it is found growing inside a home.



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