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Sick Home SyndromeIs your home or office making you sick? It may sound crazy at first, but it is a serious problem all over the country. Its called Sick Home Syndrome or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). According to a report by the World Health Organization, as many as 30% of all homes built or remodeled after 1984 could be making their occupants sick. This article will discuss how a building can make a person sick, what the symptoms are, and how the problem can be fixed.

Sick Home Syndrome Causes.

Sick Home syndrome or SBS is can be caused from a number of factors. It is a common misconception that if a building has mold or other VOC’s, a person will avoid sickness by not touching things or keeping their hands clean. This is false. Sick Home Syndrome can cause sickness to even the most conscientious germa-phobes. Mold spores and other types of VOC’s are airborne infectors, meaning they are small enough and light enough to float around a room and eventually be inhaled during the breathing process.

Causes of the mold spores and VOC’s being created can come from a number of factors. Key signs that mold may be causing sickness in your home or office are listed below.

  • Has the building or home had a water leak?
  • Does the building or home have a built in humidifier?
  • Does the building or home have a crawl space?
  • Is the building or home vacant of a fan in the bathroom?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions and an occupant of the home or building has been feeling sick chances are, mold  has created Sick Home Syndrome.

Sick Home Syndrome Symptoms

Sick Home Syndrome sufferers often experience a variety of symptoms, many of which include:

  • Sinus congestions
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Headaches
  • Skin Irritations
  • Loss of short term memory

If you associate any of these issues with your home or office you may want to get the building checked by a Certified Mold Remediation Professional, or a CMI.

How Can the Issue be Fixed?

If your sick building or home is the result of mold, you are in luck. You can call a company like Pure Maintenance to come provide you with an Air Quality Test to check if you have a high mold count in the building. If you do, Pure Maintenance can quickly take care of the issue with it’s state of the art dry fog system. If your sick home is being caused by old lead based paint, that paint should be stripped and removed as soon as possible. However, any airborne bacteria or virus can be killed by the Pure Maintenance system.


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