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FloodBesides not being spelled like the word sounds, floods themselves can be very irritating and cause devastating consequences to your home or office. Every year in the United States an average of 2.9 billion dollars of damage is accrued due to floods. In fact, flash floods are the leading cause of weather related deaths in the Unites States. Thousands of people a year experience massive damage due to a pipe breaks, improper roof construction, flash floods, and faulty appliences. According to a study done by Pure Maintenance  76% of United States citizens have experienced a water leak in their home.

If you feel comfortable knowing you have home insurance, think again. Most home insurance policies are structured in a way that will prevent your insurance company from paying out on household water issues that cause damage. Even the most pristine and well built homes are susceptible to crazy accidents when it comes to floods. It is hard to define exact prevention procedures, but if you see a small problem starting, take it seriously.

A quick phone call to a local plumber or roofer can be the solution to the leak issue. The dangerous part comes after the construction workers go home. If you have water sitting in your basement, attic or floors of your kitchen and bathroom for longer than 24 hours, mold is on the way. You may not realize it, but thousands upon thousands of mold spores have gotten word that there is a place in your home where water and moisture are just sitting there. Theses spores are airborne and looking for a place to set up camp and reproduce. If you have water, they will find it.

You may not notice the mold has begun to grow. You may not care because it’s in your attic and no one goes up there. If this is true, you may be in for a surprise. Once mold spores have established a new home they reproduce quickly and spores begin floating around your home, in and through air ducts and vents. You will eventually start to inhale some of these spores and they can cause significant health issues to and your family.

If you have had a flood, act quickly before the problem becomes very serious. Call a Certified Mold Inspection Company like Pure Maintenance to come take an air quality test after the leak has been repaired.


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