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day careIf you ever visited a local McDonalds before the age of ten you may recall some all too frustrating memories. In all likelihood, after you checked which toy you were going to receive with your happy meal, your attention immediately moved to a giant pit of colorful plastic balls. A sea of joy seemed only a few steps away. You then began to seemingly float as if a gravitational  force was magnetically pulling you in to the pit. That is the exact moment when your mother pulled back on the reigns and put a halt to everything that mattered in your life at that moment. You then heard the sentence, “We don’t know where those kids hands have been.” A wise parent is all to aware of the germs that are all to easily passed from child to child in play pits like these. It takes an even wiser parent to realize that their child’s day care may be just as dangerous and germ infested as the pit of colorful fun at McDonalds.

According to the 2011 US Census, there are 12,499,000 children in America under the age of five in some sort of day care system. This makes your local day care the Grand Central Station of the germ world. Everyday heathy and sick children alike are dropped off at there local day care centers to play together. The activities of the day are all too exciting for the children to take the time to wipe their running nose or wash their hands adequately. A recent study by the University of Michigan shows that only 5% of America washes their hands adequately. With a runny nose and poorly washed hand, books, teddy bears, barbies, and blocks get passed around from child to child and with the toys are passed the germs.

Wonderful day care workers all over the country spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep the environment safe for the precious children. However, the task is not as easy as it sound. A modest sized day care full of toys, tables, and chairs, may literally contain millions of square inches that can be carriers of germs. One way to be sure every square inch stays germ free is the Pure Maintenance Dry Fog System. Filling the capacity of the room with a dry fog cleaner and an EverPure 90 day anti-microbial, Pure Maintenance can keep your child healthy and happy.


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