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In 2009 actress Brittany Murphy tragically passed away at the age of 32. Many in the media originally speculated that drugs were involved. An autopsy later confirmed that Brittany had died from natural causes. Does dying at the age of 32 seem anything but natural to anyone else? Just six months after Brittany’s death, her husband passed away in their Los Angeles home with doctors also sighting natural causes in his death as well. After further investigation, Brittany’s mother has reported that mold was the cause of their tragic deaths. Is this possible? Can household mold truly cause death?

As the facts surrounding the couples deaths began to surface, it became evident that if mold was not the sole cause of the deaths, it was at the very least, a major factor. Mold can begin to grow and spores will begin to reproduce anytime access moisture accumulates on a porous surface of any kind. A few months before Brittany’s death a long time roof leak was reported in the home. Brittany’s husband even threatened a lawsuit against the contractors who built the home.

A visual inspection was done of the home following the leak being reported. There is little documentation available about the results of the inspection but AB news reported that Brittany’s husband told her the house was safe following the inspection. Home inspectors are trained to see signs of mold, however there are many times when mold in a home can go unseen. In cases of roof leaks and pipe breaks the mold often accumulates behind sheetrock  and is not visible from inside the home. An air quality test is a much better test than a simple visual inspection. It is not know whether an air quality sample was taken from the home or not.

Both victims reported being very ill before their deaths and were diagnosed with both laryngitis and pneumonia. Multiple over the counter drugs had been purchased by the couple and were found in their system in toxicity reports. When mold gets in the lungs of a human body, it is often rejected through coughing or sneezing but overwhelming mold spores or a weakened immune system can cause the mold to accumulate in the lungs and cause serious illness.

Whether Brittany Murphy’s death was completely a result of mold in her home or whether it was just a contributing factor, one thing is for sure, mold is dangerous. If you have had a water leak or suspect you may have mold call a certified mold remediation specialist before it causes serious problems.

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