Q: I’m having Pure Maintenance service my home, what should I do to prepare?

A: The home will need to be vacant during the dry fog process, so plan a place for you and your pets to be during the services.


Q: Do I need to take down paintings and wall art before they come?

A: Because the of the dryness of the fog, Pure Maintenance has never had an issue with wall art or paintings, but many people feel more comfortable taking expensive paintings down or covering them with a blanket.


Q: What about fruit or other foods left out in the kitchen?

A: The EverPURE chemical used by Pure Maintenance has been FDA approved for food contact, but to retain the fresh taste of your produce you may want to place it in a zip lock bag or refrigerator.


Q: How long before I can reenter my home?

A: Each job is different depending on the size of the home, but a Pure Maintenance employee will let you know how long the process will take when the bid is submitted. You may notice a different smell when you return but that will dissipate quickly.