Reading Your Pure Maintenance Air Quality Test

When Pure Maintenance preforms an air quality test to determine if there is mold in your home, they use an independent third party lab. The results look a lot like the image below and can be hard to interpret. Any time a test is done in a home it must be compared with a neutral factor, and in most cases the best comparison comes from the outside air. The outside air is normally between 200 and 300 total ppm. If the Indoor air quality is similar to the outdoor air quality than your home is not an area of concern. If the mold levels in your home is significantly higher than the outside mold levels, then you know there is a problem. Hyphal fragments also are an indication of active mold growth in the home.

Air Quality Test Chart

Example Bid from Pure Maintenance






Mold Spore Types

On the left side of the chart, the lab lists the names of the most common types of mold spores found in homes. Because there are so many different types of mold spores, the side effects vary greatly. Depending on which spores have taken a strong hold in your home, your side effects could be anything from allergy type symptoms to mental illness. To learn about each individual mold spore on your air quality test, visit the Mold Spore Library.

Mold Spore Library