Chaetomium Mold Spores



Chaetomium is a type of mold spore that can cause serious health issues. The term chaetomium actually refers to a genus of mold spores with as many as 90 different species. All species can cause serious problems to the human body. This type of mold is very light and can be carried through the air and inhaled by residence of an effected home.

Side effects will vary depending upon a persons immune system and the duration of exposure to the mold spores in the home. Short term exposure to chaetomium can cause sinus congestion, sore throat, coughing, sneezing and other allergic type symptoms. Prolonged exposure to chaetomium is a extremely dangerous. Symptoms of prolonged exposure can be as severe as alzheimer’s disease, brain lesions and different types of cancer. Chaetomium is one of the few types of mold that has been linked to types of cancer.

The effects of chaetomium are very serious. If this type of mold is found in your home during an air quality test. You should take action immediately. A company like Pure Maintenance can provide you with a comprehensive mold remediation service to eliminate dangerous mold and toxins from your home.