Alternaria Mold Spores


alternariaAlternaria is a mold genre that can cause health effects to the human body. Most side effects that result from exposure to alternaria are similar to allergenic type symptoms one might experience. Exposure can cause coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and itchy and watery eyes. More severe symptoms can occur in people with weakened immune systems or prolonged exposure to alternaria mold spores. One unique feature of alternaria is that it can grow on skin and in mucus membranes. In severe situations mold growth can occur in large amounts within a persons nasal cavity. In some situations, the growth has become so severe that rhinoplastic surgery was necessary. If you think you are experiencing symptoms similar to these, call Pure Maintenance for an official air quality test. Once the results are received you will know what types of spores are growing in your home or office.