Ascospores Overview


An ascospore is a type of mold spore that is produced inside an ascus. The ascus is the tube shaped structure surrounding groups of spores.  There are over 3000 different genres of Ascospores. Health symptoms that are caused by ascospores can vary widely because of the large variation in genres of ascopores. The most common symptoms include those symptoms associated with indoor/outdoor allergies and asthma. Respiratory problems as well as sneezing and itchy or water eyes are not uncommon. Other symptoms include sinus congestion or sinus infections.

Ascospores can grow very rapidly under ideal conditions. They are commonly found in homes where moisture was present. Any area that has been exposed to a leak, a flood, or high humidity has a high probability of growing ascospores. These spores can grow in a variety of colors and are difficult to identify without a microscope and quality sample. If you have had a leak or water problems in your home and can see visual evidence of mold growth, you should consider calling a certified mold inspector.

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